Thursday, 24 April 2014

Topshop Cut-Out Boots

I guess purchasing a new pair of boots during this time of yearI guess purchasing a new pair of boots during this time of year seems a bit silly, but I couldn’t resist treating myself to these gorgeous Cut-Out Boots from Topshop. Living in Scotland I own quite a few pairs already, but I’ve been on the lookout for a black pair with a buckle that can be worn casually or more dressed up depending on the occasion. I had an image of what I wanted in my head and I'm so happy that I finally found exactly what I wanted, they’re just perfect!

They cost £46 which I was pretty surprised at as I assumed they would be much more expensive; the boots are real leather and such good quality, so I think the price is pretty reasonable. I'm always in between sizes in footwear from Topshop so I took a chance and ordered a size 4. I normally go up a size in boots so I can wear thick socks underneath them in winter, but the cut-out style of these would just look silly with socks on show.

I love everything about these boots, the buckles and the style of the straps on the sides make them look super stylish, and the heel isn't too high but gives a good bit of height while still being really comfortable. I find styling boots really easy, I pretty much live in skinny jeans and denim shorts which they look great with, plus my wardrobe is a mix of greys, blacks and creams- not the most exciting colours, but these boots go perfectly with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. I know I'll get so much wear out of them, they're the kind of boots that just complete any outfit.

What do you think of these boots? 


Saturday, 19 April 2014

NARS Blush in Desire

Can you believe that this is my first ever NARS blush? It’s pretty surprising considering I’m such a blusher girl and never shy away from bold and intense shades – something NARS blushers are famous for. I've wanted this shade for a while and finally got it as a birthday present a few weeks ago from my boyfriend. I've been wearing it everyday since I got it, I'm completely smitten with the beautiful shade. 

NARS Blush in Desire (£21.50) is a striking, bright pink powder blush with a matte finish, described on the NARS website as cotton candy pink. It's quite a daring and very attention grabbing shade, but still manages to look oh so flattering and pretty against my fair skin. I love how these types of shades really lift my complexion and give a fresh look to my cheeks, they create an almost doll-like look which I just adore. I'm so impressed with the staying power of this blush too; even after a few hours of wear the colour never seems to fade, it's still bright and looks so fresh.

NARS blushers are known for being very pigmented, and this one is no exception, you really need the lightest hand possible so you don't go overboard (I'm speaking from experience here). I like to use my Real Techniques blush brush to gently sweep this across my cheeks, the formula of these blushers make them very easy to blend, so if you're not too heavy handed you can't go wrong. 

This blusher is truly amazing, Desire is just so stunning and gives a lovely, soft pop of colour to my cheeks that makes my complexion look so perky and healthy. I'm already wondering which shade from the brand I should purchase next. 

Are you fan of NARS blushers? 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Recent Homeware Additions

Skin care and make up aside, the other thing I'm obsessed with buying is homeware. Me and my boyfriend have been living in our current flat for around 8 months now, we're pretty settled here so won't be moving anytime soon, giving me more of an excuse to purchase new home pieces to make our flat feel more homely.

I’ve been stalking the H&M website ever since I discovered that they now have a homeware section. I really had to stop myself from buying more as they have such a wonderful range of products that are super affordable. I've been looking for some storage to keep all my hair, body and bath products organised, and when I saw this pretty Metal Wire Basket (£7.99) I had to have it. I actually purchased two of these, they are the perfect size for storing bulkier beauty products. I also bought this grey fleece blanket (£7.99), I know it's Spring but it's still so cold in Scotland! I couldn't create a link to the blanket as it's not on the website anymore (I guess it's sold out?). It's perfect for those cosy nights in when you just want to snuggle up on the couch and watch movies.

Another shop I can't get enough of when it comes to homeware is Urban Outfitters. I've had my eye on this pretty Japanese Blossom Bowl (£6.00) for what feels like forever, and also this Japanese Floral Bowl (£6.00). They're both so cute and make eating even more enjoyable if you ask me.

I also got this Wooden Photo Frame (£12.00), I am one of those people who has hundreds of photographs but never displays them! I haven't found a place for this yet, but I think it will go perfectly in our bedroom.
My final purchase was this adorable Crazy Cat Lady Mug (£9.00), it’s a little more than I would normally justify paying for a mug, but it's just so me and I can't resist buying anything with a cat on it.  

What do you think of my homeware purchases?
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