Sunday, 28 September 2014

Redken Extreme Strength Builder Treatment

Ever since I started colouring my hair and using hair straighteners, my hair has been more prone to breaking and snapping off, especially at the ends. I've always found hair masks to be the most effective treatment to repair my poor, over processed hair - they work so quickly to give great results, and with regular use can really transform your hair. I recently purchased the Redken Extreme Strength Builder (£15.90) after trying and being so impressed with a couple of the brands other products from the same range. I've been quite lazy when it comes to looking after my hair (which isn't like me) and I was beginning to get really concerned about it's condition, so I decided to give this a try. 

First things first, I love the smell of this - it's so dreamy and reminds me of sweets! Scent isn't too important to me when it comes to skin care and make up, but with hair care it's a must. This intensely nourishing mask works to repair and strengthen distressed hair by improving it's overall condition, while leaving your locks feeling soft and healthy - just what my brittle and dry hair needs. It's formulated with proteins that help to revitalise the hair, as well as making it more manageable and shiny too. This is the perfect mask if you have abused your hair with too much heat and colouring like I have.

I don't see the need to put this all over my hair as it's only damaged at the ends, so I just work a generous amount evenly through the ends when my hair is damp and leave it to work for fifteen minutes. You can leave it for less time if you wish but I like to leave it on for longer for a more intense treatment. I was so impressed from the first time I used this, my hair felt so much stronger and softer, and looked so much healthier! I've been using this mask weekly for the past month now and it's completely transformed my damaged hair - there's much less breakage and it feels so nourished. Another Redken product that has failed to disappoint!

Have you tried this? 

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Autumn Wardrobe Additions

I always spend so much money at this time of year, Autumn is my favourite season when it comes to fashion and I can never seem to leave any of my favourite clothes stores empty handed at the moment. As you can see from the above photo, I invested in some new pieces to update my wardrobe that will get me through the cooler months.

Topshop Ribbed Grunge Sweater (£36)

Slouchy jumpers are a wardrobe favourite of mine, I already have quite the collection but I just had to have this one too. It's the perfect jumper to throw on with a pair of skinny jeans when you're having a lazy day as it's so effortlessly cool and stylish. I've been wearing this jumper constantly since I purchased it a few weeks ago, the fit is just beautiful and it's so snug. 

Topshop Fluffy Sweat  (£29)

I actually bought myself this exact same jumper around the same time last year, but my current one has been worn to death and is quite tatty looking, so I decided to pick up another one to replace it. I still adore this jumper as much as I did when I first purchased it, it's so fluffy and cute and goes with everything - jeans, skirts, shorts, you name it! I remember this jumper being available in black last year too but I didn't buy it at the time, but I think I'll treat myself to it if Topshop decide to release it again this year. 

Dr. Denim Plenty Skinny Jeans (£45)

I've been in desperate need of a new pair of black skinny jeans as my current ones are looking so faded. For me, black jeans have to look 'black black' if you get me. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to jeans, they have to be perfect in every way and I'm pleased to announce that these tick all my boxes. They are easily the comfiest jeans I've ever owned, they're really soft, stretchy and I love the fit- they look like they have been sprayed on. Just what skinny jeans should look like! These are the first pair of jeans I've bought from the brand and I'm so impressed with them that I might stock up on more colours. 

Dune Loris Leopard Pointed Flat Shoes (£69)

My favourite purchase of the lot has to be these beautiful leopard print brogues! They were quite pricey and a little more than I'm normally prepared to pay for shoes, but I managed to get a 20% discount on them which brought them down to a more reasonable price. These shoes just make an outfit, most of my Autumn clothes are quite plain so they go perfectly with everything in my wardrobe and really stand out. I'm not going to lie, they killed my feet the first few times I wore them, but now that they are worn in they're so comfy.

What do you think of my recent purchases?

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Masque

Providing you haven't been living under a rock for the last year or so, you will have noticed that the Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Masque (£27) has been a much loved and raved about product amongst the beauty blogging community.The brand have so many products that I'm keen to try but their Parsley Seed mask has always been at the top of my list. I use clay masks regularly to give my skin a good detox as it's oily and becomes congested easily, so when a handful of my favourite clay masks all ran out at once, I decided it was finally time to give this a try. 

It does everything I hope for when I purchase a new face mask; it deeply cleanses the skin, brightens up my complexion and gently draws out impurities and debris clogging the pores. Along with Rosehip and Parsley Seed extracts which pump the skin full of anti oxidants, it's formulated with superior clays which decongest the skin and Aloe Vera which leaves the skin feeling impeccably soft and fresh. There's nothing worse than a face mask that leaves your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable after use. 

Before applying, I like to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate my skin to get the best results. I smooth a thin layer over my face and wait fifteen minutes before rinsing it off with cool water. My skin was looking quite dull and I had lots of blackheads on my nose, but straight away after using this mask my complexion looked so much healthier and my pores were clearer too. I'm so impressed with how effective this mask is as it works in no time to transform my skin. It really manages to perk up my complexion and leaves my oily skin looking balanced and clear.

This mask has really lived up to my expectations, it's the perfect weekly skin treat as it does so much to improve the overall appearance of my skin. It's made the perfect addition to my face mask collection. 

Have you tried this mask?


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tips on Styling and Cutting Your Own Fringe

A lot of people always seem surprised that I’m brave enough to cut my own fringe; I’ve had one for years now so I’ve had lots of practice learning how  to make my fringe look just as good as a hair stylist would. Well, almost. Here are some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up…

Invest in a good pair of hair scissors

If you’re considering trimming your own fringe, then purchasing a good pair of hair scissors is a must. Don’t even think about reaching for the kitchen scissors! I have lots of bad memories from my teens when I would use them instead of professional hair cutting scissors, they’re just not designed to cut hair and you will end up with an unsightly fringe. You can get a good pair for around £10, the ones I use are a pair I picked up from Boots a few years ago and they’re still going strong.
Use styling products and conditioner sparingly
My fringe always gets greasier faster than the rest of my hair, so I try not to use too much conditioner as this can make my fringe feel oilier and weighed down. I only use the tiniest amount as I don’t think conditioner is completely necessary for a fringe, but I still like to use a small amount anyway. As my fringe is really thick and prone to frizz, I like to use a styling cream that makes my hair more manageable and leaves it straight and smooth. I recommend working a small amount of the Bumble and bumble Straight Blow Dry (£23) through your fringe before blow drying to make styling a breeze and to ensure your fringe stays frizz free and smooth.

Use a big round brush when blow drying

I’ve always found that styling with a round brush makes such a difference to the way my fringe sits, it just looks so much nicer and smoother. After I have applied a small amount of styling cream, I take a large circular brush and gently blow dry my fringe on the lowest  heat setting, wrapping the hair around the bristles and pulling it out slightly so it blow dries straight. I’ll also smooth the brush over the top of my fringe to ensure a sleeker finish. Even though my fringe is already really thick, styling in this way gives it so much more body and volume too.

Don't cut your fringe when it's wet

My fringe grows quite quickly, so I have to trim it often so that it stays sitting above my eyebrows. I never cut my fringe when it’s still wet; hair always looks longer when it’s wet so it’s easy to make a mistake and take too much off. I always cut my fringe when it’s clean, dry and straight; I either use my fingers or a comb to hold my fringe in place so I can see where I need to trim.  I then take my hair scissors and trim a little off the ends, working my way across horizontally until I’m happy with the result.  Always remember to keep your hand steady and take your time! Don’t rush as you could easily make a mistake.
Do you have any tips on styling and cutting your fringe?


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Urban Decay De-Slick Make Up Setting Spray

I think it’s safe to say when you use a product every single day from the day you purchased it, you’re onto a winner. I’m talking about the incredible Urban Decay De-Slick Make Up Setting Spray  (£20), a product I’ve been using for a few months now and one that’s become a staple in my make up routine.

If you're a regular reader of my blog you’ll know I have oily skin, so this product really stood out to me. This is the first setting spray I’ve used, I have always relied on primers and powder to prolong make up wear and keep my skin looking matte, but as I love trying and testing new products that claim to control oil and shine, I had to have it. The clever formula contains ingredients that put a stop to make up fading or sliding through the day, so your complexion stays looking fresh and matte for longer. As well as that, it also works to lower the temperature of your make up to extend wear - something I have never heard of a product doing before!

To use, I spritz over my face three or four times in a criss cross style after I’ve applied my make up, paying particular attention to my t-zone. I love how cooling and refreshing it feels on my skin, I was actually expecting it to feel a little sticky but it’s so light and weightless. You don’t feel it on the skin at all and it dries in seconds, which I’m so impressed with.This product has been my savior over the summer, it really does work and I don’t have to touch up my make up as often when I use this. I still look fresh faced hours after I’ve applied my make up and my complexion stays beautifully matte and shine free. I’ll definitely be continuing to use this even through the colder months as it gives me peace of mind that my make up still looks great, especially when I’m having a  busy day and don’t have time to check my make up.

Have you tried this? What do you think of setting sprays? 

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