Wednesday 11 June 2014

Lush H'suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment

I'm a pretty big fan of hair masks, they really do make all the difference to my hair and I always make sure to use one once a week to keep my hair in tip top condition. My favourite Bumble and bumble hair mask was running low, so on my last (and very over due) visit to Lush I picked up their H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment  (£9.50). There's actually a new store that's just opened up in Glasgow where I live, so I was excited to have a look around and see what they had to offer. 

Aimed at those with damaged hair in need of repair, this protein rich treatment deeply nourishes the hair and improves it's overall condition, leaving your locks feeling stronger and revived. Like all Lush products, it's bursting with natural ingredients rich in oils such as avocados and bananas, which deeply moisturise the hair leaving it beautifully soft. It also contains cinnamon leaf oil and bay leaf infusion which stimulate the scalp promoting healthier hair. This is the perfect treatment if you have dry hair, or if you colour and use a lot of heat on your hair like I do.

To use, I massage a good amount of this mask through my hair when it's dry, making sure it's covered in a generous, thick coating. I then pile my hair on top of my head and leave for 20 minutes before shampooing and conditioning as normal. My hair is so thick and long right now that I ended up using almost half the tub in my first use! But I guess if you don't have as much hair as me it will last a lot longer.  

This is the first hair mask I've tried from Lush and I have to say I'm really impressed. My hair wasn't in bad condition before, but this mask gives my hair just what it needs to maintain it's strength and leaves it looking incredibly nourished and healthy with a beautiful shine. It feels so lovely and super soft, I'll definitely be repurchasing this as I love the results.

Have you tried any of the hair masks that Lush has to offer? 


  1. Ooh I have to try this for myself, it sounds really lovely! xx
    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Being a fan of Lush, I never doubt any of their products. Love them very much! Anyway, great post as always <3 xo


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