Monday 2 November 2015

The Four Lipsticks I'll Be Wearing All Autumn

As soon as the seasons change, so do the colours on my lips. One of my favourite things about Autumn is getting to wear my most loved lipsticks again that really complement the season. I have always favoured bolder lip colours over nudes as they make such a statement and look so flattering against my dark hair and pale skin. With that being said, I thought I would share with you all my favourite lipsticks that I'll be wearing over the next few months.

MAC Lipstick in Heroine (£15.50)
This is a very adventurous and eye catching shade that won't appeal to everyone, but I think it's really wearable and pretty as it has the slightest hint of pink, just with a little more edge. This is the only matte formula I own from the brand, it glides on to the lips effortlessly without any tugging and has a lovely creamy consistency which surprised me. I always keep my outfit quite plain and the rest of my make up minimal when I wear this so that the lipstick is the main focus of my look. It's such a unique colour and I just love how it brings out my brown eyes too.

You can't beat a classic red lip, it's sexy, glamorous and looks good all year round. I got Dragon Girl as a birthday present back in April and it's been my most worn lip product ever since. The lip pencil formula is designed to allow the precision of a lip pencil and applies effortlessly over the lips, leaving a matte and long wearing finish. I like to apply some lip balm over the top just to keep my lips moisturised because my lips get so dry and chapped this time of year. It's the perfect shade of red for me and I love how it instantly boosts my complexion! I'd actually like to get my hands on a few more of these as this is the only one I have currently.

Even though this is not my most worn shade, it's definitely my absolute favourite to wear at this time of year. It's pretty daring and for someone that prefers a more natural look, but if you love bold shades that make a statement, Rebel is the one for you. I first purchased Rebel around this time last year when I was looking for the perfect A/W shade and I've been obsessed with it ever since. It's a gorgeous deep purple shade with hints of berry, which really stands out against my fair skin. The formula is very creamy so it does tend to fade fairly quickly, especially if you are eating or drinking, but I still love it and the finish is just beautiful. 

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturising Lip Colour Balm in Roomiest Rose (£17)
I really like these crayon style lip products and this one from Clinique is a firm favourite. Roomiest Rose is a super lovely and wearable bright pinky-red shade that is perfect for every day wear. It's definitely the least striking of the bunch, which makes it perfect for days when I'm going for a more natural look but still want my lips to stand out.  I love how moisturised these Chubby Sticks leave my lips; they make them look and feel so soft and nourished. 

What do you think of these shades?


  1. Heroine is awesome! I am not sure it would suit me though. Think i am more of a Roomiest Rose kinda gurl :)

  2. I've always been unsure of Heroine but it looks fab on your skin tone! X

    Charli XCX 90s fun over on -

    1. I think it will look different on anyone who wears it depending on their hair colour and skin tone, you should give it a try!

  3. The MACs are my favourites just because I don't go for anything lighter than, well, a dark. Except for the classic red lip, haha. Loving the picks, Natalie!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'


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