Tuesday 25 February 2014

Bumble and Bumble Deep

Bumble and bumble are easily one of my favourite hair care brands, so I was thrilled when I got my hands on one of their hair masks, given to me by the lovely Kate of Ghostparties. I try to use a hair mask as regularly as possible as they do so much for your hair and can change it for the better over time. I wouldn't say my hair is in bad condition, but as a girl who colours and straightens her hair, a deep conditioning mask is a must when it comes to caring for my hair and maintaining it's strength.

The Bumble and bumble Deeep (£22.50) is a weekly deep conditioning hair mask which repairs damaged, chemically treated hair leaving it stronger and intensely nourished. It's packed full of proteins that help to soften and revitalise the hair, as well as improving it's elasticity and making it so manageable. This is such a wonderful product to use, I work it evenly through my hair after washing when it’s damp, then wrap it in a towel and leave it to work for twenty minutes. If I’m not feeling too lazy, I'll blast my hair with a hair dryer to add some heat to it to get the best results. I was so impressed from the the first time I used this, I adore how amazingly soft and smooth it leaves my hair, while giving it the most beautiful shine. My hair can be pretty frizzy and dry, especially at the ends, and I believe that this mask is responsible for my hairs current condition. It has completely transformed it and looks so nourished, sleek and super healthy. Perfect! 

I personally believe that Bumble and bumble hair products are some of the best, they are pretty pricey but worth the investment as they are so effective.

What do you think of Bumble and bumble hair care products? Have you tried this mask?


  1. i haven't tried any of the bumble and bumble hair products, yet. everything sounds great though! xxx

  2. I need this! my hair has suddenly gotten so dry !

    Berrie-Blogs |Beauty Blog

  3. This mask seems amazing! I love B&B!


  4. I honestly have yet to try a B&B product but I have the longest wish list just for this brand! And this mask just got added to my wish list haha. Thanks for the review!
    Lovely Notions

  5. No problem, glad you found it helpful :) xxx


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