Monday 12 May 2014

Hair Care for Stronger, Healthier Hair

I've always been pretty good when it comes to taking care of my hair, but not so long ago I was having a lot of problems with my hair snapping off at the ends, and on the whole my hair just looked damaged and felt weak. The products I was using on my hair before just weren't working, so I switched up my hair care routine and started to use products that would strengthen my hair and restore it's health. My hair has been looking so shiney and healthy recently and I know it's down to these amazing products!

For the past few months I've been using the John Frieda Full Repair Hydrate + Rescue Shampoo (£5.99) along with the conditioner from the same range. I absolutely love this range, the shampoo works to reverse damage with every use by deeply nourishing and strengthening the hair so it's always smooth and soft. My hair was very dry and brittle before I started using this, but I've noticed such a difference in it's overall condition; it feels and looks so much stronger and healthier. I would definitely recommend this range if your hair has been damaged from colouring and heat and is in need of some tlc. 

Another product I've been using for a while now is the Bumble and bumble Deeep  (£22.50), a weekly deep conditioning hair mask that repairs damaged, chemically treated hair. It's packed full of proteins that help to soften and revitalise the hair, as well as improving it's elasticity and making it so manageable. I love how amazingly soft and smooth this mask leaves my hair, while giving it the most incredible shine. Like all Bumble and bumble products it doesn't come cheap, but this mask is worth the investment as it's so effective and leaves my hair feeling so nourished. 

To protect my hair from heat styling, I use the Dove StyleCare Replenishing and Heat Protect Spray (£4.59). I use this everyday before I dry and straighten my hair, it always leaves my hair feeling softer and smoother, and the formula helps to strengthen and protect against heat. I really love Dove's hair care range, I've used their shampoos and conditioners in the past and they've always really impressed me, they do such an affordable range of great quality hair care products. 

Finally, I use the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap (£13) which also offers heat protection but I use it mainly for it's repairing properties. It's a leave in treatment that strengthens the hair and helps to reduce breakage and split ends.  I've always had issues with my hair snapping off at the ends and I am happy to announce that this has really worked miracles. I apply this to the mid lengths and the ends of my hair and it feels and looks so much stronger and healthier. Plus this product doesn't feel greasy or heavy in the hair, it's so light and makes my thick hair more manageable while blow drying and styling, making it look beautifully smooth and shiny.

Have you tried any of these products?


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