Sunday 28 September 2014

Redken Extreme Strength Builder Treatment

Ever since I started colouring my hair and using hair straighteners, my hair has been more prone to breaking and snapping off, especially at the ends. I've always found hair masks to be the most effective treatment to repair my poor, over processed hair - they work so quickly to give great results, and with regular use can really transform your hair. I recently purchased the Redken Extreme Strength Builder (£15.90) after trying and being so impressed with a couple of the brands other products from the same range. I've been quite lazy when it comes to looking after my hair (which isn't like me) and I was beginning to get really concerned about it's condition, so I decided to give this a try. 

First things first, I love the smell of this - it's so dreamy and reminds me of sweets! Scent isn't too important to me when it comes to skin care and make up, but with hair care it's a must. This intensely nourishing mask works to repair and strengthen distressed hair by improving it's overall condition, while leaving your locks feeling soft and healthy - just what my brittle and dry hair needs. It's formulated with proteins that help to revitalise the hair, as well as making it more manageable and shiny too. This is the perfect mask if you have abused your hair with too much heat and colouring like I have.

I don't see the need to put this all over my hair as it's only damaged at the ends, so I just work a generous amount evenly through the ends when my hair is damp and leave it to work for fifteen minutes. You can leave it for less time if you wish but I like to leave it on for longer for a more intense treatment. I was so impressed from the first time I used this, my hair felt so much stronger and softer, and looked so much healthier! I've been using this mask weekly for the past month now and it's completely transformed my damaged hair - there's much less breakage and it feels so nourished. Another Redken product that has failed to disappoint!

Have you tried this? 


  1. This sounds great I have the Redken Extreme Anti-snap and love that x

    The Beauty Trove

  2. This sounds really amazing and definitely something I need to try. I like to work on the strength of my hair as it's prone to breakage.


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