Wednesday 15 October 2014

More Autumn Wardrobe Additions

So I've been very spendy again this month, meaning I am now officially on a shopping ban....until I go to Paris in November of course. I only just published a post a few weeks ago on some of my recent wardrobe additions (you can read that post here ), but that’s not stopped me from picking up a few more things. There are just far too many lovely things in the shops at this time of year, it’s impossible to walk into any of my favorite stores and not be tempted by anything.

I’ve been on the lookout for a black shoulder bag for months now, and it was love at first site when I spotted this beautiful Croc Bucket Bag (£29.99) from Zara. It’s exactly what I had in mind and was the last one on the shelf too, so I snapped it up. It really is perfect in every way; it looks so chic, it's ideal for everyday use and is just the right size to hold all my daily essentials. The thing I love the most about this bag is that it can be worn casually or more dressed up depending on the occasion. I’m already getting so much use out of it, there’s not one day that’s gone by since I purchased it when I've not used it, it’s amazing quality too and it goes with absolutely everything in my wardrobe. 

I also couldn't resist treating myself to these gorgeous Lace Up Leopard Print Pony Effect Boots (£75) from Office. I normally stay away from heels as I just don't feel comfortable in them and I don't have the best balance either (ha), but these are just the right height for me and super comfortable too. I've only worn these once and I was so pleased at how easy they are to walk in. They are quite pricey, but boots like these are a good investment as they will never go out of style and complete any outfit.

What do you think of my latest purchases? 

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  1. I'm not normally one for leopard prints, but those shoes look lovely! x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I've seen that Zara bag in the shop and it is just beautiful. I think Zara do such good affordable bag right now!

  3. Love the boots, especially when worn with a plain looking outfit :)


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