Thursday 12 December 2013

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo

When it comes to applying make up, doing my eyebrows is the part I enjoy the most. A beautiful pair of eyebrows can complete your whole look; I just love to see my brows transformed after I have filled them in as they appear fuller looking and more defined. Annoyingly I wasn't born with perfect Cara Delevingne type brows, so I have to make do with using a brow product to help me achieve my desired look.

I had been lusting after Anastasia Beverly Hills products ever since I spotted them in Sephora while I was on holiday in California over the summer. I finally got around to purchasing the best selling Brow Powder Duo (£17) and the angled brush (£13) a few weeks ago and I've been using them both ever since. I am loving them! Up until I purchased the brow powder I have always used a pencil to fill in my brows. This worked fine for me, but I sometimes found that using a pencil could leave them looking quite harsh and ‘blocky’. I had been considering opting for a powder and hoping that would make my eyebrows appear more natural.

The duo consists of a pair of complimentary shades providing sheer to medium coverage. I purchased the duo in the shade Ebony; this suits me perfectly as I have black hair but I prefer my brows to be a more browny-black colour. My method for using this is to use the lighter shade to fill in any sparse areas where my eyebrows begin, then fill in the tail end and the lower inner brow with the darker shade. I finish them off by blending the two shades together and going over them delicately to even out the shape and add more colour where needed. The brush makes application so simple as it is the perfect shape and size, allowing me to fill and define where needed with minimal effort. The end result is wonderfully natural looking and defined brows.

Powder is definitely my preferred method of eyebrow application now after using this product. I've been converted!

What products do you use on your brows?


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