Thursday 17 July 2014

My Eyebrow Routine

One of the things I'm always asked about are my eyebrows, so I thought it was about time I put together a step by step guide on how I do mine and what products I use to make them appear naturally fuller and more defined. I was never that bothered about my brows until a few years ago; my fringe used to be much longer and just skimmed the top of my eye lashes, so my brows were always forgotten about and hidden from the world. That was until I had an unfortunate incident with a pair of hair scissors and cut my fringe way too short....but I guess you could call it a happy accident as I actually loved the change, and that's when the obsession with my brows began. Since then I've tried and tested my fair share of brow products, but I've finally settled on a simple routine that I'm really happy with that only takes five minutes to do.

So as you can see, my brows need a bit of work to make them look a lot fuller and more defined. I went a bit crazy with the tweezers during my teen years and some of the hairs just never grew back, especially at the tail end where there's not much hair at all. I wouldn't say my brows were thin, but they're nowhere near as full as they normally look. I start by using an eyebrow brush to separate and smooth the hairs, I do this by combing them in an upward motion to create more of an arch; doing so in this way allows me to achieve such a great shape to my brows.

I then use an eyebrow pencil and start penciling in at the tail end where the hairs should be. I use the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil (£2.99) in the shade black/brown. This was actually the first product I ever used to fill in my brows, I love it as it's so affordable and such good quality, but I often find that only using a pencil to fill in my brows leaves them looking quite harsh and unnatural, so this is why I only use it at the tail end.

Then it's on to the main product; the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo (£17). Powder is definitely my preferred method of eyebrow application and if there's one brand that knows brows, it's Anastasia Beverly Hills.  This duo consists of a pair of complimentary shades that provide sheer to medium coverage- I use the shade Ebony which suits me perfectly as I prefer my brows to be a more browny/black colour. I don't really change the shape of my brows, I simply just work with what I've got by enhancing them and creating more definition. I take my Angled Cut Brow Brush (£13), blend the two shades together and go over my brows delicately to make them appear fuller and add more colour where needed. I tend to start around the middle, carefully stroking the brush through the hairs to make them look more bold, then work along the length and down to the tail end. I'll then move to the start of the brow and use light strokes to fill in any gaps. 

Lastly, I finish by using my eyebrow brush again to comb through and set them in place. The end result is lovely, natural and defined looking brows. Told you it was quick and easy didn't I?

What do you think of my routine? Have you used any of these products?


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