Saturday 12 July 2014

Skin Care For Oily Skin #2

I love discovering and testing new skin care products for my oily skin, I feel like I've become quite the expert in picking the best products that work so well and are really effective. Here are a few products that I'm currently using...

I did a full review of this amazing cleanser just recently, I’m using it as my morning cleanser at the moment and I love how purifying and refreshing it is! It works to keep the skin balanced by removing excess oil and impurities that clog the skin, leaving the complexion looking so clear and healthy. It’s bursting with all natural ingredients and leaves my skin feeling super cleansed and squeaky clean every time I use it. Foaming cleansers can leave the skin feeling uncomfortable and stripped of moisture, but this stuff only ever leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft. This has definitely become one of my favourite cleansers; I’m so pleased with the results and my complexion has been looking so healthy and radiant lately.

This is a product that I see myself repurchasing over and over again; it’s a clay mask that works in ten minutes to deeply cleanse and decongest the skin. It works wonders on my oily complexion and does an incredible job unclogging my pores and lifting away any dirt and grime, leaving my skin looking balanced and clear. This is the perfect mask if your skin is in need of a detox, it feels really cooling and every time I use it I notice such an improvement in my complexion – it gives it such a boost! I use this once a week and I really couldn’t go without it.

This is an oil controlling moisturiser that helps to balance and purify the skin, while tightening pores and helping to obtain a long lasting, shine free complexion. I love this as it's so light and absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all. I can be pretty hard to please when it comes to moisturisers but this one suits all my requirements; it’s oil free, hydrating and doesn’t feel too rich on my skin. It feels lovely and refreshing once applied and gives my skin a healthy, natural glow and evens out my complexion, giving it a matte appearance that lasts for hours. If that wasnt enough, it wakes up my skin and makes it look so radiant too! It’s been so hot in Glasgow recently and this has been keeping my oily skin in check.

I don't feel like I've mentioned this scrub much on my blog, which is surprising as I can't praise it enough and it never fails to leave my skin so clear and fresh. This water based scrub sloughs away dead skin cells and impurities, instantly brightening my complexion and giving it a healthy glow. My skin can look really dull sometimes, but this helps to transform my skin from looking lifeless to bright and smooth. I use this once or twice a week before applying a face mask, it also contains menthol which leaves my skin feeling so cool and unbelievably fresh. 

Have you tried any of these?


  1. this is such a helpful post! i also have really oily skin and am always on the hunt for anything to help combat it. i'm going to have to purchase a couple of these goodies i think!

    x x

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you found it helpful :) xx

  2. Love the look of the Exfoliating scrub, it sounds so nice! x
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  3. Absolutely love this post! I'm constantly struggling with my super oily skin. You've just made my shopping list so much more expensive haha!


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